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Testimonials | Our customers speak for us

What a company tells you about itself is only one side of the story. That is why we let our customers speak for us.


» “The College explored numerous access solutions to the meet the demands of the project and time constraints. Harsco Infrastructure offered a competitive and well-resourced solution that has proven to be ideal and enabled the timely execution of the project. Harsco Infrastructure have demonstrated a good understanding of the client’s need and a flexible approach, working around core College operations to give the College a head start. A very professional approach with good client care, from the back office staff through to the men on the ground. Needless to say, they’ve secured a place on our preferred supplier list!”
Hopwood Hall College director for corporate services, Saf Arfan


» “Jersey Water wishes to thank the staff and operatives at Harsco Infrastructure for the hard work and effort, which ensured that the Upstream Geomembrane project was completed successfully, ahead of programme and also under the tender figure. All parties and sub-contractors worked well together as a team, to bring the project to a successful conclusion.”
Jersey Water managing director and engineer, Howard Snowden

» “We’ve had an agreement with Harsco Infrastructure for a few years now. We’ve always used their equipment, not just for the quality of the materials but also the technical backup and drawing services, which are excellent.”
JOS Structures Ltd managing director, John O’Sullivan


» Whilst using the MULTIFORM Parapet bracket for the first time:
“The system is very safe and quick to use, we built the pre-assembled brackets into standard size units and lifted them into position with the crane, thus drastically reducing the need for any work at height. When the parapets have been poured they are crane lifted down and dismantled in a designated area at ground level.”
Midland Reinforced Concrete Ltd managing director, Tony Nicholls


» “We have worked with Harsco Infrastructure a great deal during the past 12 months and that gave us confidence in their abilities.”
Scheldebouw senior site manager, John Richardson


» “Harsco Infrastructure’s track record indicated that they could deliver everything on time and to budget. Our framework agreement with Harsco Infrastructure provided the site procurement team with confidence in the supply chain’s capabilities. It also made the tendering process more transparent and clear.”
Balfour Beatty Construction senior project manager, George Young


»Whilst using the HAKI roofing system:
“Harsco Infrastructure’s experience of scaffolding and temporary works engineering meant that they immediately understood our requirements and worked closely with us to develop the right solution. Our key requirements of safety and cost-effectiveness were easily met by this system.”
SGC director, Dave Southall 


» “We knew that the maintenance work which had to be carried out was going to be a challenge due to the positioning and angles of the steam pipes. However, Harsco Infrastructure came up with a unique and effective method that overcame all of the access issues.” 
Peterborough Power Station mechanical engineer, Steve Latter


» “Harsco Infrastructure designed a mobile access system which was far superior to any of the other companies involved. The service which Harsco Infrastructure provided from concept to delivery was of a very high standard.”
East Coast Industries owners, Harry and Ben Lee


» “Harsco Infrastructure’s achievement of promised dates, specification, attention to details and service at a personal level has been first class in every respect and is greatly appreciated by all involved.”
King & Associates architect, Robin King


» “The concrete was exposed and the need to achieve an architectural grade, smooth finish was paramount to the quality of both the materials and the success of the design. The TOPEC panels delivered this requirement, achieving the desired finish. We worked closely with Harsco Infrastructure to co-ordinate the alignment of the formwork seams.”
HKR project architect, John Crellin


» “Harsco Infrastructure’s reputation for reliability and pro-active design development were important factors in our choice of scaffolding supplier.”
Permasteelisa general manager, Gordon Earle


» “The monorail system effectively provided us with the equivalent of five cranes, which meant we could really speed up work on site. We were therefore able to maximise installation of large glass units on multiple work faces which would otherwise have solely relied on the tower crane thereby limiting the amount of labour we could use.

The combination of the monorail with the mast climbing work platform from Harsco Infrastructure helped us get early completion of the building envelope and improve productivity by up to 300%.

The system itself is far quicker to install than traditional scaffolding; in this case it took only about a week to install, whereas scaffolding would have taken three or even four weeks.”
Taylor Woodrow project manager, Mike King


» “It took three weeks to erect the formwork and prepare for the complicated pour, but in the end it was incredible – it went like clockwork.”
Dancourt Limited project manager, Jason Baker


 » “The systems specified by Harsco Infrastructure are very economical compared with other available options, but they don’t compromise on quality, strength or safety. Harsco Infrastructure was pro-active at the early stages of the design, before any sub-contractor commitment, and were happy to invest time in the detail design when local authority checks and on site adjustments were undertaken.”
Carillion temporary works coordinator, Peter Feeney


» “We are hugely impressed with Harsco Infrastructure for their commitment, workmanship and their wilco attitude – they did an outstanding job. The project was completed on time and on budget. Sir John Moore Barracks is now a world class training establishment and the army can be extremely proud of it.”
Sir John Moore Barracks, Colonel Tony Workmen


»Whilst using MULTIFORM parapet brackets:
“We have a long working relationship with Harsco Infrastructure and their proven technical expertise and design capability means they’re the first people we talk to when we take on a challenging job. The length of the bridge meant that an extensive formwork system was required; the fact that MULTIFORM have so few components and are so quick to install and strike meant significant time and cost savings for us.”
David Ashley general foreman, Alan Clarkeson


» “Overall, we are incredibly pleased with the design innovation and thinking that Harsco Infrastructure brought to a unique project.”
Stretton & Lang project manager, Colin Jinks


» “The sheer size and height of the bridge posed a challenge to the scaffold designers, who had to produce a solution that was not only safe for working at these heights, but also capable of erection and removal in the optimum time-frame. Harsco Infrastructure provided the most competitive solution without compromising performance or quality. Response times were very short and we had almost instant access to Harsco Infrastructure’s equipment and people throughout the project.”
Makers Freyssinet contract manager, Paul Wood


» “We knew of Harsco Infrastructure’s reputation in the educational sector following our involvement with them on previous projects. The council were confident that the company would be able to meet our specific requirements, and we were particularly impressed with the efficient organisation demonstrated.”
Falkirk Council education design coordinator, Jack Aitken


»Whilst using MASTCLIMBERS:
“Park Towers required a technically challenging, bespoke access package, with site safety and minimal disruption to the surrounding area absolutely paramount. Harsco Infrastructure successfully came up with a solution and gave full consideration to our requirements and those of neighbouring businesses and residents.”
Concrete Repairs Limited senior contracts manager, Ben Lawson


» “Harsco Infrastructure has a long track record at the airport going back many years and involving a wide range of access solutions for ROK and other main contractors. Their experience at London Gatwick, and the fact that Harsco Infrastructure already had a presence on site, meant they could respond quickly and with minimum disruption.”
ROK project manager, Steve Papworth


» “We chose Harsco Infrastructure on the strength of its previous performance and its reputation for site safety. The company has proven its reliability in meeting our tight deadlines and has a strong track record in the use of MASTCLIMBERS.”
Corus’ Redcar Steelworks spokesperson


» “We were originally going to use scissor lifts with extending platforms, but this presented problems of instability at maximum working height. Scaffolding seemed to be the only alternative until we consulted Harsco Infrastructure who proposed the use of MASTCLIMBERS, which they have used on inclined facades before. Harsco Infrastructure was heavily involved in the design process, working with us and the designers to determine the anchor points for the masts, taking into account the position of the various openings in the façade. What started out looking like a very complicated access problem actually turned out to be a straightforward operation that worked well and went very smoothly.”
ROK senior project manager, Tom McLaughlan