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Insight onsite.™ | Why choose Harsco Infrastructure?

As you would expect from one of the world’s leading suppliers of construction and industrial maintenance solutions there is probably more to Harsco Infrastructure than meets the eye. We’re involved in all kinds of projects, across all kinds of services, in locations all over the world. And making sure you get the most out of working with us is even more important in today’s market than ever before. From training, to advice on health & safety issues, to help and support on project planning and software. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised at just what you can get out of us and how effectively it can benefit your business.

Access to specialised experience & more support

We understand your need to find creative solutions to what are often complex problems. As a company, that means ensuring we have the experience and support to solve problems quickly and efficiently. We understand the pressures to deliver faster work cycles and the need for constantly improving material quality.

Improved understanding of your requirements with more efficiency

No one understands the need to complete each and every project as promptly and safely as possible than we do. We work closely with your team members to gain a meaningful and in-depth understanding of every element of a project to ensure that we can implement measures and systems that maximise the efficiency of your project.

An enviable health & safety record offering more reassurance

We are totally committed to protecting our customers, our staff and the public by preventing avoidable accidents. We set an industry benchmark for health & safety. The UK construction industry has an average accident rate of 1.1, Harsco Infrastructure UK significantly outperforms this with an AFR of 0.21.

That’s why when you work with us, you get complete peace of mind that you are not only complying with the very latest guidelines, but you are actually exceeding them.

Early stage project input means more productivity

We know that complex tasks have to be properly planned and developed. Indepth planning keeps processes moving smoothly and optimises the cost of materials and wages.

We can help you with our specialised planning software whose modular structure effortlessly adapts to any situation and conditions. This way we can plan even the most complex projects on your behalf quickly and thoroughly.

Working with an established partner for more stability

In today’s economic landscape the stability and reliability of your partners has never been more important. We are not only a well established global company, we’re trusted by some of the world’s leading businesses, because they know they can rely on us.

With over 6,000 employees worldwide and a solid presence in over 32 countries, you can rely on us to support, advise and deliver whatever your requirements, wherever you are.

Consolidated services with more consistency

There’s no secret in the fact that consolidating services can have a tangible benefit to any project. Smoother communication between various disciplines, more co-ordinated recommendations, cost and time related efficiencies, there are many benefits. Our scale of operations and sector knowledge enable us to provide real benefits in this area. Whatever your requirements, working with us across multidiscipline areas means that we really begin to help drive consistencies and efficiencies in a way that benefits the project as a whole.


In 2010 SGB, Hünnebeck, Patent and ESCO joined forces to operate under the new name of Harsco Infrastructure.