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Health & safety | Our number one priority

Throughout Harsco Infrastructure the safety of our staff, our customers and the public is our highest priority. It takes precedence over all other aspects of our business.

Setting health & safety standards for the industry

In health and safety, our record (AFR) currently sets a standard for the industry. This requires constant effort in all aspects of risk management, process control, training and communication. Our responsibility is to exercise safety leadership and maintain a safety conscious working environment at every level of our operation. We are dedicated to making this attitude part of our culture and everyday activities.

Working in partnership with you

We work closely with our customers to ensure that clear standards of safety competence, co-operation and communication are strictly observed throughout a project. We conduct regular safety reviews, checks and inspections and work proactively with customers and other contractors to ensure we create a safe working environment for everyone working on or around our equipment. Working safely is the best way of keeping to budgets and deadlines.


Guide to Working at Height

Today more than ever, markets are converging rapidly to create an increasingly universal standard of safety. Our aim in creating the new Guide to Working at Height has been to help people understand the many issues which surround working at height, how to adopt best practice and offer guidance on the safe use of equipment. We hope that the guide will help industry professionals to re-appraise their safety procedures for operations which involve working at height. The guide is believed to be the most up-to-date, comprehensive and authoritative of its kind and draws on our experience as a world-leading supplier.

Included in the guide is information on the selection of different types of access, collective fall and personal protective equipment, plus references to examples of site equipment and operator-related hazards. This is complemented by principal design standards for different types of access equipment, and explanations of the variations in safety requirements that exist between different European markets.

Order a hard copy of the guide by contacting us on or download a PDF using the link below.

The industry’s most comprehensive safety programme

We run a comprehensive programme of safety training.  It is ongoing at all levels - from site toolbox talks and safety workshops to safety management.

Our safety communication plans include a comprehensive safety manual for managers and supervisors backed up with product user guides and safety notes, technical data sheets, a regular in-house safety magazine, web-based safety updates and a range of award winning films including “The cost of accidents” and “In the real world” which have been widely used throughout the construction industry.

Our core principles of health & safety

  • All injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable
  • All construction and operating exposures can be reasonably safeguarded
  • Safety is a line management responsibility
  • Working safely is an essential element of employee performance
  • Line management has a responsibility to train all employees to work safely
  • Safety adds value to Harsco customers, stockholders and employees

Help us help you

If you would like help with any aspect of safety management on your site, or you would like further safety information about any of our products, please contact your local branch, or complete the enquiry form on this website.


In 2010 SGB, Hünnebeck, Patent and ESCO joined forces to operate under the new name of Harsco Infrastructure.